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One ad break, different extremes

November 11, 2010


In one ad break just now, saw two ads which provoked very different reactions. First off, loved the Footlocker ad – it starts mildly shocking (is it an STD awareness ad or a film about domestic violence), challenging (because of this), but it gets the humour just right. Then the Shane Warne 888 ads came […]

Twanscript: Royals and the media

March 8, 2010


Twanscript (is that a permissible Twitter-word?) from the Republic debate The Royal PR Machine with Richard Palmer, royal correspondent of the Daily Express and Emily Hill, Evening Standard journalist and Guardian commentator. Here are the pick of the comments from the debate (all have been shortened due to Twitter use and are comments made at […]

Mydavidcameron vs the real thing… who wins?

March 3, 2010


The recent media storm around Tory campaign funding jogged a promise I made to try and answer a big question about the importance of social media on the outcome of the election. Just how effective will a poster campaign be for the Tories? And is it possible that more people would see Labour’s spoofs of […]

Who really influences Britain? The Sun or Twitter?

November 11, 2009


For those of us with a statto-like obsession with the UK media, some very interesting figures have been released by pollsters YouGovStone. Ostensibly undertaken to find out who is more influential, Google or Murdoch, the raw data paints an interesting picture of UK media consumption and influence: – 91% of the general public watch BBC […]

TweetMobs will not always be a power for good

October 19, 2009


There have been more words written subsequent to the Jan Moir article on Stephen Gately’s death than she’s ever written in her life. So there’s no need for me to recount how error ridden her article and subsequent reply are (Charlie Brooker in the Guardian, Daniel Finklestein in the Times and even Janet Street Porter […]

Trafigura, Twitter and the questions for PRs

October 14, 2009


I’ll cut to the chase – those who haven’t read up on Twitter vs. Trafigura/Carter Ruck only have to read the just one the Guardian’s articles on the scandal to realise the case has implications for PR. Will Jordan has started discussing this, but I think it raises five key questions for PRs, which certainly […]