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The attack of the auto-scheduled tweet

April 15, 2014


You’re a busy MP. You want to use Twitter to make your points on social media. The auto-scheduled tweet function is a best thing since the heavily subsidised Commons bar? Well, no. As many brands and politicians have found to their cost, you should only auto-schedule tweets with care. Take Esther McVey MP. She set […]

Views my own: Do you need a Twitter disclaimer?

January 10, 2014


Do you need a Twitter disclamer? And will it work? Not if you're the boss.

Morons, sin washers and sore losers

August 9, 2012


As British gold medals start to dry up, the Olympics PR machine has taken a more sinister turn… Moron of the Games: Piers ‘the Troll’ Morgan. Who, when he is not being taken down by other Twitter users, is not taking kindly to a fake image of a reputed Bradley Wiggins tweet. Fake or not, […]

One tweet and a morning of apologies

November 11, 2011


On Twitter common best practice is that people stop tweeting as a mark of respect on Armistice Day. But every year, some brands always screw up - with Tweets going out. This then means some poor PR has to spend the rest of the morning apologising.

News of the World advertisers hit on Twitter, but they aren’t listening

July 5, 2011


As the headlines on all (non News International) media outlets drive public anger over the Millie Dowler / News of the World phone hacking scandal, social media reaction looked at targeting advertisers who work with the paper. Several sites have given easy to use lists of recent News of the World advertisers to enable the Twitter […]

Favours for savours are just part of PR

June 17, 2011


The first rule of PR is never to talk about PR. Well, that’s what it seems like anyway. Yesterday, Redner Group made the headlines for threatening not to send some reviewers the next Duke Nukem game, after they went ‘too far’ in their criticism. And for all the game manufacturer’s claims that it seeks to maintain a healthy relationship […]

The ‘TwitterCue’: The next new social media idea

May 10, 2011


A great idea coming in from Tracy Jones at Creative Territory in Australia (sorry, are the Ramblings starting to sound like a daytime TV show?) Why not start your press releases with a ‘TwitterCue’, i.e. a 140 character line which sums up the content?  Done properly (and without undue abbreviations), this sounds like a good habit […]

The TV influence

November 17, 2010


It wasn’t so long ago that in the wake of Stephen Gately-gate and early wins from PR and marketing agencies using social media for clients, that people were proclaiming Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as the future of marketing. True, social media has shown itself (on occasion) to be the better of print and outdoor (sorry, not meaning for […]