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Yahoo’s social media fail

August 20, 2012


Today Yahoo! news is scraping the bottom of a barrel even the Daily Mail or a Five Live phone in would  avoid. For its first ever #HashOut ‘live discussion show’ it is inviting people to suggest musicians who deserve to be jailed like Pussy Riot have been in Russia. If this is the standard of […]

This is my country, not the Daily Mail’s

August 6, 2012


More Olympics PR highlights including Hope Not Hate, NBC (again), David Beckham and the Wiggo-Phone.

When a guru just isn’t enough…

May 30, 2012


The marketing and communications industry has a lot of false prophets. It is full of so-called gurus willing to preach their infinate wisdom to the highest bidder. But for one charity, a guru just isn’t enough. They’ve gone one step further and secured funding from NESTA (a former ideas quango, now innovation charity) to hire […]

Samsung’s odd Apple attack

November 23, 2011


Apple customers get a bad press. Slavishly following the herd of what’s trendy, tied to Operating Systems which are inflexible and (possibly) anti-competitive. But, Apple doesn’t get to be so successful without doing something right: making products which work. And that’s why the new Samsung attack-viral in support of the S II is so odd: […]

One tweet and a morning of apologies

November 11, 2011


On Twitter common best practice is that people stop tweeting as a mark of respect on Armistice Day. But every year, some brands always screw up - with Tweets going out. This then means some poor PR has to spend the rest of the morning apologising.

The advance from PR’s core

October 26, 2011


Evidence from the PR Week / PRCA PR Census demonstrates that the industry is continuing its drift away from traditional and specialist PR services and more towards general marketing disciplines. This is demonstrated by my mapping of the areas respondents to the Census claim will increase in importance over the next two years against what […]

Finding the digital page 94

August 31, 2011


Getting coverage in the media is often only the start of the battle for communicators. The trick is then trying to understand if people have actually seen, heard or read it. Measuring in broad terms is easy enough – opinion tracking can demonstrate clearly how many people have seen or discussed your story. In print […]

After the riots: a view from Camden

August 10, 2011


There’ll be many words written and much philosophising done about how and why the recent riots took place. It is never going to be as simplistic as blaming the parents or the ‘feral’ nature of the today’s youth for the disturbances. But while disaffection, alienation and unemployment caused by recent political decisions plays some role, […]