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Another threat to charities’ freedom of speech

January 11, 2015


Want to sneak out a threat to freedom of speech in the UK? Worried about the backlash from charities and campaigners? Not to fear, Friday December 19th (or “fall-over Friday”) was a perfect time to bury some bad news. Or at least, this is presumably what was being discussed at the Charity Commission when deciding how to deal with […]

The attack of the auto-scheduled tweet

April 15, 2014


You’re a busy MP. You want to use Twitter to make your points on social media. The auto-scheduled tweet function is a best thing since the heavily subsidised Commons bar? Well, no. As many brands and politicians have found to their cost, you should only auto-schedule tweets with care. Take Esther McVey MP. She set […]

Top ten blog posts of 2013

December 31, 2013


People (well colleagues at Claremont) have accused me of only blogging when I’m angry. But, it appears, I’m just giving the public what they want. Behold my top ten most read blog posts of 2013: 1) British Gas are a bunch of numpties Anyone who can make a company share price crash through social media […]

Does social media impact share prices? #AskBG

October 17, 2013


I’m no economist, but the ill-judged social media response by British Gas to their price hikes looks to have spooked the City: And Centrica…

Timehop back to re-lived content

April 15, 2013


As PRs look to re-use and re-fashion content to help extend the life of a news story, Timehop‘s a new app which helps the story last a whole year. The concept is so blindingly simple it’s amazing it hasn’t been done before. Install app. Connect other social media accounts. It tells you what you were […]

Top posts of 2012

December 31, 2012


The review of my blog posts is a little different this year (here is 2011‘s) as it also takes into account posts from the Claremont and CIPR blogs. Also summarised as a word cloud here, below are the top ten most read posts (in reverse order): 10) Launch of PR Apprenticeships. The very first post […]

A social media cheer for Starbucks

December 17, 2012


After winning some plaudits (well, Mr B. Johnson anyway) for its move on taxation, Starbucks must have hoped that its sponsorship of the Natural History Ice Rink would have helped move its brand reputation on from corporate tax dodgers to nice guys who help you #spreadthecheer this Christmas. Of course, live twitter walls are a […]

Social media gotchaism

October 12, 2012


Novelist, chicken fancier and facelift aficionado. There are a lot of words to describe Kay Burley, but regardless of what you make of her insensitive interview in Machynlleth, she is also another potential victim of ‘gotchaism’. And Burley’s case demonstrates that technology and social media mean that anyone is now at risk from this highly […]