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A toxic link between social enterprise & Big Society?

December 2, 2011


One of the more controversial questions from yesterday’s Guardian Q&A on social enterprises and the media, was what impact their association with the Big Society has had. And how toxic that association has been. Looking at Google search trend data for the last two years, we can see that after David Cameron appropriated social enterprises […]

Degrees give no guarantees of success in the media

August 26, 2011


Over at the Independent, Rizwan Syed criticises Jan Murray’s development of an Apprenticeship for journalists. I praised Jan for this move, part of what I believe is a vital shift toward creating more routes to enter media professions. I did respond on the Independent, but my comments seem to have disappeared. So, I’ll re-post my […]

Sexy A-Levels are not the worst media crime today

August 18, 2011


With phone hacking and riots, this has hardly been a normal ‘silly season’ for the media. But, like Christmas ‘last day rush’ and Bank Holiday ‘getaway travel chaos’ stories, A-Level results can be relied on to fill plenty of media airtime and column inches. In all this coverage, a recurring media crime is to use […]

The Apprentice revolution is coming, but slowly

August 16, 2011


Guardian journalist Jan Murray‘s announcement that she is taking on an Apprentice is another sign that the attitude toward vocational qualifications is changing. Degrees churn out indebted graduates who, in the PR industry as in journalism, spend the immediate aftermath of their degree on post-graduate qualifications or as juniors learning their trade. Indeed, those graduates […]

What makes sports ‘news’?

July 24, 2011


Sport is an important part of British life. The economic impact of football alone is massive with the world’s richest club worth £1.16bn, to a non league club still turning over £200,000 a year. And that’s not to mention the revenue generated by businesses as a direct result of sports events being staged. Yet despite […]

News of the World advertisers hit on Twitter, but they aren’t listening

July 5, 2011


As the headlines on all (non News International) media outlets drive public anger over the Millie Dowler / News of the World phone hacking scandal, social media reaction looked at targeting advertisers who work with the paper. Several sites have given easy to use lists of recent News of the World advertisers to enable the Twitter […]

Would you help out the BNP?

June 28, 2011


There can’t be many PR assignments which every agency in the country would turn down, but surely helping the far-right British National Party would be one of them. Sadly, for one company, helping the BNP  is just another way to earn a quick buck. Regardless of its poor election showings and internal strife, the BNP has […]

One PR for every journalist in the UK?

May 4, 2011


Was interested to read how there are now three PRs in the US for every one journalist – and the gap is widening in favour of PR’s, contributing to an increase in churnalism. But, it’s not easy to find the UK equivalent – which given the debate around the decline in numbers of journalists (especially […]