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Politicians need a good lesson in window dressing

July 21, 2011


Rory Bremner writes for the Financial Times. True, he does. And he’s pretty insightful. One comment in last week’s column stood out: In the UK, the difference between government and opposition can be summed up thus: for the coalition, George Osborne says we can’t have growth without cutting the deficit; for the opposition, Ed Balls says […]

Time for change in (my) PR

July 14, 2011


As you may have heard on the PR grapevine, read on Gorkana or in PR Week, I’m heading for the Band & Brown exit. First off, I would like to thank Band & Brown who have been amazing employers for the last seven (almost eight) years! I’ve learnt so much from everyone I have worked […]

Marketing saves lives

May 31, 2011


When the new coalition government came into power, one of its first acts was to halt all spending on PR, advertising and pretty much all other marketing activity. In the immediate aftermath of this decision, the quantity and quality of government communications declined rapidly and serious errors were made in countless announcements. The communication issues around […]

Retro brands drive consumers back to the future

May 27, 2011


It’s not often that I can combine my professional interests with personal passions. But, before readers get too worried, I am talking about marketing and Coventry City FC. The Wall Street Journal reports how the world’s leading brands have gone retro in the US to drive more sales. And in the UK, petitions and Facebook groups […]

Mary Portas: Queen of Shopping Centres

May 17, 2011


I don’t like fashion much. Or shopping for that matter. So I just ignored the story today about Mary Portas becoming the government’s high street tsar. Until Paul Lucas pointed out that there might be more to this than meets the eye. Mary’s role, according to Number Ten, is to: Advise on how Government, businesses […]

Worrying times for marketing

July 12, 2010


Continuing my commentary on how the marketing industry is doing (yes I know I said I was going to stop doing this and stick to great work), the latest Bellwether Report is being spun in various directions by the competing factions within marketing. Perhaps bizarrely, PR Week come closest to just printing the findings, so […]

PR needs to embrace the chance to show it works

November 13, 2009


The UK’s Central Office of Information has suggested that advertising value equivalent’s (AVE) are no longer included as part of mandatory evaluation criteria when measuring how well PR campaigns perform. And not before time! You can read my comments either in PR Week or on the website of the company I work for. But, if […]