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Ed’s NHS email, just five days late

June 12, 2011


After Ed Miliband was roundly criticised for his communications performances last week, Labour has at least addressed one of the problems. Sort of. Party HQ finally sent a ‘help save the NHS’ email to supporters. A few days late, and not as engaging as it could be, at least it provides members with a clear […]

The risks and rewards of data power

June 8, 2011


The rise of the ‘infographic’ has been a long time coming. At a recent Claremont Communications event at the RSA, Guardian news data king Simon Rogers, pointed out that the first ever edition of the then Manchester Guardian in 1821 dedicated a significant chunk of one of its pages to a table of deprivation in the city. […]

Do you Ken me, Ed?

June 7, 2011


Today should have been Ed’s big day. Putting aside the divisions in the party and distractions of Blue Labour, today was NHS day. Cameron was set to back peddle on the NHS reforms and Labour would press home that the NHS is anything but safe in Tory hands. Or even go so far as to […]

Red, Blue or Purple: Which Labour are you?

June 3, 2011


You may have heard of the Green Tories or the Orange Lib Dems. Factions who take the party colours and twist them to fit a new vision of what their party should stand for. Well as is typical on the left, Labour has decided that one faction is just not good enough and so has […]

The difference between a monarchy and a republic

May 24, 2011


Aristotle, Bolívar, Calvin, Confucius, Thomas Paine (my favourite), Sun Yat-sen and Voltaire have debated it. Wars have been fought over it. Politicians still argue about it. But finally, in 2011, we now understand the difference between a monarchy and a republic: A pint of Guinness. I’m glad that’s settled. And, well done to Guinness’ PR team on an amazing coup […]

A fifth launch for the Big Society

May 22, 2011


David Cameron will launch the Big Society AGAIN tomorrow, according to the Independent. It’s possible I may have missed another one, but I make this the fifth launch of the Big Society. Yet, perhaps, positive signs are starting to emerge from the Big Society world. Almost a year ago, I set out five communications challenges the […]

Labour’s tepid election

May 15, 2011


If the Lib Dems election PR disaster was fairly comprehensive, Labour’s was worse. Tepid has been used to describe the party’s performance, but if you include Scotland in the mix, that is being kind. The biggest challenge to the communications strategy in Scotland was an increasing trend to create a ‘presidential’ battle between Iain Gray […]

24 hours: A long time in political PR

May 11, 2011


The definition of ‘a long time in politics’ is shortening. It used to be a week of course. But in 24 hours from about 10.50pm on Thursday 5th May, the political landscape fundamentally changed. In PR terms, it showed how desperately inadequate all the parties are. With (perhaps) one exception. I’ve questioned for some time […]