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An ad Morethan it’s worth?

January 4, 2011


The rumours of a new Morethan advert started circulating toward the end of 2010. Some said it would recapture the imagination and sparkle of the original ‘Lucky / that’s Morethan Lucky‘ adverts which launched the brand (I missed the news that the original dog died a few years back). Others suggested it would recreate the […]

One ad break, different extremes

November 11, 2010


In one ad break just now, saw two ads which provoked very different reactions. First off, loved the Footlocker ad – it starts mildly shocking (is it an STD awareness ad or a film about domestic violence), challenging (because of this), but it gets the humour just right. Then the Shane Warne 888 ads came […]

Mydavidcameron vs the real thing… who wins?

March 3, 2010


The recent media storm around Tory campaign funding jogged a promise I made to try and answer a big question about the importance of social media on the outcome of the election. Just how effective will a poster campaign be for the Tories? And is it possible that more people would see Labour’s spoofs of […]

Papers and the BNP

May 18, 2009


Earlier today highlighted that some regional press are now accepting advertising from the fascist BNP. It seems just to be Newsquest‘s online titles, but as Jon Slattery points out, given they have bans on adult sex advertising, you’d think they’d take a moral stand on this! So earlier on I suggested a boycott of […]