About this site

If you’re here, I assume you must be keen on finding out more about who writes this site and why?

There’s no big agenda, it’s just a blog.  The outlet for my opinions on all the good, bad and indifferent in the world. Especially when that world is PR, marketing or politics. Posts get between 100 and 15,000 (!) views.

Naturally, these are all my own thoughts, not those of any employer or client. During any period regulated by Electoral Commission rules on spending, all writing and researching of blog posts is undertaken in my own time, voluntarily and without the approval or agreement of any employer or client. Where I do ‘borrow’ an opinion from someone else, I do try and credit it. If I haven’t, just let me know.

As for what I do, check out the Campaign Collective website,  my articles for The Rooftop, the ‘My Work’ section, follow me on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

Oh, and I do actually like rambling, check out my Instagram for more on that.


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The Ramblings of a PR blog by Simon Francis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License meaning you’re free to use the content, providing you attribute the author and the source. Contact me for more details.

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