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Beer, urine and the Australian legacy

August 7, 2012


While retailers have just a matter of days to launch behavioural change communications to bring back Olympic business, there’s plenty of Olympics PR still going on… Nation to watch: The Swiss are spending $4.6m on their London 2012 presence and from Holland’s Heineken House to Russia’s Sochi Park, countries are climbing over themselves to boost […]

This is my country, not the Daily Mail’s

August 6, 2012


More Olympics PR highlights including Hope Not Hate, NBC (again), David Beckham and the Wiggo-Phone.

Guinness, Team UK and a real legacy for Olympic PR

August 3, 2012


Blogging from Dublin today, and Olympic PR fever is certainly more tempered here, in fact the Irish tourist board has spent €500,000 encouraging Londoners to come here to avoid the hordes. Alcohol-related gaffe of the Games: Much to the delight of the Irish press, the National Press Club of Washington emailed its entire august PR […]

What links Marmite, Mystic Meg and the Mayor?

August 2, 2012


The Olympics PR machine rumbles on – and there’s clearly only one place to start today… PR triumph over adversity award: Boris. Of course. People used to claim that Tony Blair was Teflon coated, but he had nothing on BoJo. Even being left strung up mid-zip wire comically waving flags is nothing to this politician. […]

Olympic PR melons, parents and the fauxlympics

August 1, 2012


The third installment of Olympic PR highs and lows featuring melons, parents and the fauxlympics

Hearses, infidelity and empty seats… More Olympics PR

July 31, 2012


The Olympic Games have given PRs the opportunity to take the media ‘summer silly season’ to new heights. You’d have thought that weekly posts on London Olympics PR highs and lows would be enough. But no, there’s just too much good material. So here’s today’s top five: Biggest social media fail: The #NBCfail over its […]

Olympic PR highs and lows

July 30, 2012


The London Olympics are less than a week old and there’s already been no-end of PR stunts, mishaps and misunderstandings. Here are the five most notable so far… Worst crisis comms excuse: Trying downplay the loss of keys was pretty cringeworthy crisis comms by the Met Police. But LOCOG blaming spectators using mobile phones for […]