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Another threat to charities’ freedom of speech

January 11, 2015


Want to sneak out a threat to freedom of speech in the UK? Worried about the backlash from charities and campaigners? Not to fear, Friday December 19th (or “fall-over Friday”) was a perfect time to bury some bad news. Or at least, this is presumably what was being discussed at the Charity Commission when deciding how to deal with […]

#MH17 shows the good and bad sides of journalism

July 22, 2014


The #MH17 tragedy shows the good and bad sides of journalism.

Views my own: Do you need a Twitter disclaimer?

January 10, 2014


Do you need a Twitter disclamer? And will it work? Not if you're the boss.

Does social media impact share prices? #AskBG

October 17, 2013


I’m no economist, but the ill-judged social media response by British Gas to their price hikes looks to have spooked the City: And Centrica…

A social media cheer for Starbucks

December 17, 2012


After winning some plaudits (well, Mr B. Johnson anyway) for its move on taxation, Starbucks must have hoped that its sponsorship of the Natural History Ice Rink would have helped move its brand reputation on from corporate tax dodgers to nice guys who help you #spreadthecheer this Christmas. Of course, live twitter walls are a […]

Yahoo’s social media fail

August 20, 2012


Today Yahoo! news is scraping the bottom of a barrel even the Daily Mail or a Five Live phone in would  avoid. For its first ever #HashOut ‘live discussion show’ it is inviting people to suggest musicians who deserve to be jailed like Pussy Riot have been in Russia. If this is the standard of […]

Morons, sin washers and sore losers

August 9, 2012


As British gold medals start to dry up, the Olympics PR machine has taken a more sinister turn… Moron of the Games: Piers ‘the Troll’ Morgan. Who, when he is not being taken down by other Twitter users, is not taking kindly to a fake image of a reputed Bradley Wiggins tweet. Fake or not, […]

What links Marmite, Mystic Meg and the Mayor?

August 2, 2012


The Olympics PR machine rumbles on – and there’s clearly only one place to start today… PR triumph over adversity award: Boris. Of course. People used to claim that Tony Blair was Teflon coated, but he had nothing on BoJo. Even being left strung up mid-zip wire comically waving flags is nothing to this politician. […]