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The single most important picture you’ll see this year

March 7, 2011


It’s not often that a photo story stops me in my tracks… The last one was probably the Homer Simpson – Cerne Abbas Giant stunt to mark the Simpson’s movie (which I still count as my favourite PR stunt of all time). But, this one, from disabled rights group Broken of Britain is stunning. Says […]

The BS machine rumbles on

February 14, 2011


Back in July I attended a Big Society event. This was its second launch. There was then another at the Conservative party conference, making today the fourth launch of the Big Society. But this one was different. Opinion has polarised. Massively. The Big Society has been condemned by people from all sides – and it […]

The end of the celebrity?

February 1, 2011


Hallelujah! The world has escaped from the clutches of celebrities at last. Research from the US has found that adverts without sporting celebrities have the same impact as those with them (and in some cases celebs perform worse). PR Week reports that just one in five kids will support a charity because of celebrity endorsement. […]

The best of… comms blogs

November 15, 2010


My thanks to LinkedIn for this one. Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations group, Brooke Nolan, asked people for their suggestions of the best communications / PR blogs around.  I’ve edited this list of suggestions, so if you want to read people other than me… here’s a top ten. Revolutionary Measures. A great […]

More from the doom-monger in chief…

September 22, 2010


After another PR Week appearance, I’m getting a bit worried that there is only negative news coming from the public sector public relations fraternity… That’s probably because despite some briefs still coming out, the news isn’t that great. In fact, my initial response to the report which showed that 47% of PR agencies with public […]

Nice shows we still need government PR… if not the fat cats

September 22, 2010


I was interested to see the anger on Panorama and in the media on the salaries of the government comms fat cats.  PR Week covered the story and I obviously had my say there. But Paul Cardin‘s response made me think, he said: No sympathy whatsoever from this quarter. Don’t fight it and risk exposing yourselves. Just […]

The PRCA agree with me!

May 7, 2010


I was amused to see that now the election has happened, the industry body, the PRCA, agree with my summary of the state of the marketing industry.  In PR Week,  director-general Francis Ingham said, “for general PR agencies, this result poses real dangers. Let’s not be in denial – all three main parties have taken a […]

Mydavidcameron more popular than leading charities

March 12, 2010


In a pretty rare, but welcome, move, has taken to publishing web traffic to their site on a seemingly regular basis. The latest results show site traffic of 250k in six weeks – more than double what the country’s leading charities (such as British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK) will have generated despite all of […]