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Retro brands drive consumers back to the future

May 27, 2011


It’s not often that I can combine my professional interests with personal passions. But, before readers get too worried, I am talking about marketing and Coventry City FC. The Wall Street Journal reports how the world’s leading brands have gone retro in the US to drive more sales. And in the UK, petitions and Facebook groups […]

The difference between a monarchy and a republic

May 24, 2011


Aristotle, Bolívar, Calvin, Confucius, Thomas Paine (my favourite), Sun Yat-sen and Voltaire have debated it. Wars have been fought over it. Politicians still argue about it. But finally, in 2011, we now understand the difference between a monarchy and a republic: A pint of Guinness. I’m glad that’s settled. And, well done to Guinness’ PR team on an amazing coup […]

A fifth launch for the Big Society

May 22, 2011


David Cameron will launch the Big Society AGAIN tomorrow, according to the Independent. It’s possible I may have missed another one, but I make this the fifth launch of the Big Society. Yet, perhaps, positive signs are starting to emerge from the Big Society world. Almost a year ago, I set out five communications challenges the […]

24 hours: A long time in political PR

May 11, 2011


The definition of ‘a long time in politics’ is shortening. It used to be a week of course. But in 24 hours from about 10.50pm on Thursday 5th May, the political landscape fundamentally changed. In PR terms, it showed how desperately inadequate all the parties are. With (perhaps) one exception. I’ve questioned for some time […]

The ‘TwitterCue’: The next new social media idea

May 10, 2011


A great idea coming in from Tracy Jones at Creative Territory in Australia (sorry, are the Ramblings starting to sound like a daytime TV show?) Why not start your press releases with a ‘TwitterCue’, i.e. a 140 character line which sums up the content?  Done properly (and without undue abbreviations), this sounds like a good habit […]

When is an advert a PR campaign?

May 8, 2011


Simple answer: When you want to criticise it. Today’s Mail on Sunday headline is a case in point. Ministers launch PR blitz to sell £9,000 courses to students You can just hear the sub editor sneering as the letters ‘P’ and ‘R’ are used to pour scorn on the fact that the government might want […]

One PR for every journalist in the UK?

May 4, 2011


Was interested to read how there are now three PRs in the US for every one journalist – and the gap is widening in favour of PR’s, contributing to an increase in churnalism. But, it’s not easy to find the UK equivalent – which given the debate around the decline in numbers of journalists (especially […]

The PR Agency of the future?

March 24, 2011


I attended a fascinating debate last night, hosted by the PRCA, on the future of public relations agencies – but one which raised more questions than it answered. So, here’s my take on the answers to the five big issues raised… 1) Talent. Or lack thereof. There’s a real issue with the PR industry being […]