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The PR prescription for avoiding irrelevance

July 10, 2012


When one of the biggest names in PR warns that the industry faces becoming irrelevant, it’s probably a good idea to listen. And Lord Chadlington, founder of Shandwick and chair of Huntsworth group of PR agencies, gave just that warning last night (9th July). Chadlington’s prescription for preventing this irrelevance lies in tapping into the […]

When a guru just isn’t enough…

May 30, 2012


The marketing and communications industry has a lot of false prophets. It is full of so-called gurus willing to preach their infinate wisdom to the highest bidder. But for one charity, a guru just isn’t enough. They’ve gone one step further and secured funding from NESTA (a former ideas quango, now innovation charity) to hire […]

1.5 journalists for every PR in the UK

May 4, 2012


New data shows there are 62,000 journalists and 42,500 PRs in the UK, or 1.53 journalists for every PR.

What makes a good PR recruit? And where do they sit?

April 17, 2012


How will the new PR Apprenticeship sit alongside graduate - and other - forms of recruitment?

PR Apprenticeships launched

December 8, 2011


Today is a landmark day for the PR industry. Today sees the single most important development in the industry since the social media revolution. I’ve written on countless occasions about the need to diversify routes into the PR profession – and long called for the establishment of PR Apprenticeships. And while the PRCA have always […]

If PR’s a people industry, do we need different people?

November 8, 2011


People are vital to communications. Not only do they make up the audiences marketeers try to reach, but they are often the sole 'asset' a communications team or agency has. So it was disappointing that not more employers attended the 'Education in Public Relations' debate at the University of Westminster - an ideal chance to debate PR degrees and the future of recruitment and training in the communications industry.

75% of PR degrees could fail students

September 2, 2011


Regular readers will know I’m not a massive fan of degrees as a way to get into a media career. Just last week I wrote that degrees mean no guarantees of success in the media. But, I do believe that there should be many paths to success. And just as we need high quality routes […]

Degrees give no guarantees of success in the media

August 26, 2011


Over at the Independent, Rizwan Syed criticises Jan Murray’s development of an Apprenticeship for journalists. I praised Jan for this move, part of what I believe is a vital shift toward creating more routes to enter media professions. I did respond on the Independent, but my comments seem to have disappeared. So, I’ll re-post my […]