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Labour must wake up to the UKIP threat

October 10, 2014


With UKIP’s electoral successes in Clacton hitting the headlines, Labour have been quick to distance themselves from the impact of the result with Douglas Alexander claiming it is coalition supporting defectors switching to UKIP. But if you look at the percentage share of the vote results for an imaginary combined Clacton, Heywood and Middleton constituency, […]

Farage’s UKIP ‘victory’ is a mirage

May 26, 2014


The UKIP 'victory' in the UK European Elections is not all that it seems.

Would you help out the BNP?

June 28, 2011


There can’t be many PR assignments which every agency in the country would turn down, but surely helping the far-right British National Party would be one of them. Sadly, for one company, helping the BNP  is just another way to earn a quick buck. Regardless of its poor election showings and internal strife, the BNP has […]

Question Time shows how Dick Griffin can be beaten

October 23, 2009


The most encouraging sign emerging from last night’s Question Time was that it has shown that the BNP can be beaten through debate. Griffin was uncomfortable, uncertain of his own policies, exposed for having no idea of British history, not even sure of his own past and branded a ‘thoroughly deceptive man’. The audience – […]

Question Time and the BNP

September 7, 2009


Got an email first thing this morning from PR Week asking for comment on the BNP/Question Time issue (nice to see they remembered my last contribution to the debate on how to deal with them). With representatives elected at a national election, I guess there was a sad inevitability that the BNP will be given […]

BNP and mainstream media

June 8, 2009


Our industry bible, PR Week, has picked up on the BNP campaign – claiming that Anti-BNP efforts fail to stop party have failed. There’s an interesting comment from Insight Public Affairs agency stating that the BNP “exist outside of existing media channels.” But in addition to the party political broadcast, Newsquest newspapers in target areas […]

Papers and the BNP

May 18, 2009


Earlier today highlighted that some regional press are now accepting advertising from the fascist BNP. It seems just to be Newsquest‘s online titles, but as Jon Slattery points out, given they have bans on adult sex advertising, you’d think they’d take a moral stand on this! So earlier on I suggested a boycott of […]