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Top 5 Political Songs… Ever

April 17, 2013


Ding Dong The Witch is Dead may be grabbing the headlines, but will it ever be a top political song? Well, it’s not on my top 5 – below – more suggestions welcome! 1) The Specials – Ghost Town Les Reid from the Coventry Evening Telegraph has written an excellent blog about Thatcher’s legacy in […]

Timehop back to re-lived content

April 15, 2013


As PRs look to re-use and re-fashion content to help extend the life of a news story, Timehop‘s a new app which helps the story last a whole year. The concept is so blindingly simple it’s amazing it hasn’t been done before. Install app. Connect other social media accounts. It tells you what you were […]

Top posts of 2012

December 31, 2012


The review of my blog posts is a little different this year (here is 2011‘s) as it also takes into account posts from the Claremont and CIPR blogs. Also summarised as a word cloud here, below are the top ten most read posts (in reverse order): 10) Launch of PR Apprenticeships. The very first post […]

Social media gotchaism

October 12, 2012


Novelist, chicken fancier and facelift aficionado. There are a lot of words to describe Kay Burley, but regardless of what you make of her insensitive interview in Machynlleth, she is also another potential victim of ‘gotchaism’. And Burley’s case demonstrates that technology and social media mean that anyone is now at risk from this highly […]

The battle of the opening ceremonies

August 30, 2012


On the surface of the figures, Channel 4 will be delighted that last night’s Paralympic Opening Ceremony attracted the station’s largest audience share since the peak of Big Brother. And today’s blanket front page coverage for the Paralympics (only the Express don’t fully lead with the Opening Ceremony) is a positive sign that the Games […]

Yahoo’s social media fail

August 20, 2012


Today Yahoo! news is scraping the bottom of a barrel even the Daily Mail or a Five Live phone in would  avoid. For its first ever #HashOut ‘live discussion show’ it is inviting people to suggest musicians who deserve to be jailed like Pussy Riot have been in Russia. If this is the standard of […]

The Olympics in headlines

August 13, 2012


A national newspaper Olympic headlines wordcloud shows that the Games dominated the front pages. Unless you read the Express.

Morons, sin washers and sore losers

August 9, 2012


As British gold medals start to dry up, the Olympics PR machine has taken a more sinister turn… Moron of the Games: Piers ‘the Troll’ Morgan. Who, when he is not being taken down by other Twitter users, is not taking kindly to a fake image of a reputed Bradley Wiggins tweet. Fake or not, […]