Buying Social Isn’t Just For Consumers

Posted on 14/10/2016


This Saturday sees the nation encouraged to “Buy Social” on Social Enterprise UK’s Social Saturday.

Social enterprises aren’t just for consumers. In the PR industry, the PR and Communications Association (PRCA) has led a laudable drive to encourage more public relations agencies to Buy Social.

But far more needs to be done.

In designing marketing campaigns, communicators should not focus solely on the desired organisational and audience outcomes. Campaigners should also examine what is the maximum social value that can be derived from marketing activity.

And while this is potentially more difficult to achieve through campaign objectives themselves (although not impossible), it is simpler to achieve through the supply chain.

By using the Social Enterprise UK “Buy Social” directory, marketeers can at a stroke deliver huge social value as a result of their campaigns.

To help charities, campaigners and public sector bodies achieve this aim, communication social enterprise, Campaign Collective, has launched a range of products to mark Social Saturday.

These products ranging from campaign planning, through capacity building and training to campaign delivery, will make it easier for organisations to understand where communications services with a social value can be added into the marketing mix.