Campaign Collective launches

Posted on 22/02/2016


Despite charities facing tightened times and more threats to charity reputation than ever before and as campaigners face more scrutiny, smaller charities, social enterprises and those delivering a public benefit are often unable to afford professional communications agency support.

To help address this problem, today sees the  launch of the Campaign Collective, a new social enterprise dedicated to helping charities, social enterprises, public service organisations and other campaigners benefit from affordable professional communications advice and support.

With Members around the country, Campaign Collective’s clients have access to the experience, flexibility and affordability traditionally associated with hiring freelancers combined with the scalability, breadth of skills and range of expertise a communications agency offers.

The Collective helps organisations create, build and deliver effective marketing campaigns:

  • Create (coming up with the campaign): Providing campaign strategy, audience insight research, focus groups and creative development.
  • Build (developing the campaign): Planning and designing campaign laydowns, toolkits, developing a team’s capacity, providing training and ongoing advice.
  • Deliver (putting the campaign into practice): Implementation of tactics including copywriting, design, event management, internal communications, media relations, partnership marketing, public affairs, social media and stakeholder outreach.

Campaign Collective day rates are benchmarked to be less than half that of other marketing agencies and by working with us, our clients are also helping support the Collective’s social enterprise activity: supporting micro charities, start-up campaigns and the next generation of communications professionals.

Profits are invested in delivering workshops and advice sessions for campaigners just starting out or with little experience.

In addition, Campaign Collective Members spend time helping those on the first rung of the PR and marketing ladder through mentoring and support working with the PRCA, PR Apprenticeships and universities.