Top blog posts of 2014

Posted on 31/12/2014


It’s time for the fourth installment of my top 10 most read blog posts of the year… (Here are the reviews of 2013, 2012 and 2011). So, in reverse order here are 2014’s top hits…

10) A sponsored programme to promote more alcohol consumption? Worst PR idea ever.

9) Where UKIP are concerned, the line between editorial and advertising can become very blurred.

8) Claremont was nominated for an award which recognised the most successful PR campaign of 2014. We went on to win PR Week’s agency of the year and PRCA’s public sector campaign of the year awards.

7) Do you need a Twitter disclaimer? No, not really.

6) It shocks me that people in the PR industry still can’t measure success properly. Claremont is proud to be an exception to this worrying issue.

5) Don’t use auto-scheduled tweets. Unless you’re very careful.

4) More self congratulation over on the Claremont blog. Perhaps having an invite to a party on this one helped boost the traffic to this post?

3) As PRCA charity group vice chair, we’ve been campaigning against the Lobbying Act – and providing advice to campaigners to avoid falling foul of its worst excesses.

But the most popular posts were all about politics…

2) In pretty much joint second place come a series of posts about the Scottish referendum. The issues the no campaign faced. How the CBI faced a reputational crisis. The bigots behind the yes campaign. And how the outcome may have been a victory for no, but it was very nearly the biggest political PR fail of all time.

1) UKIP may be a bunch of vote winning wankers. But its electoral success needs proper examination.