Just who is behind the No Thanks advertising campaign?

Posted on 01/09/2014


Patronising Better Together LadyWhatever your views on the Scottish referendum, it has not been a good one for the marketing industry.

While the Yes campaign can be criticised for deploying rent-a-mobs at events and having some very dodgy infographics, the No campaign’s efforts have been far worse.

The latest “No” film is sexist and patronising – despite presumably trying to chase the crucial female vote. So it is rightly taking an internet roasting in the process.

And today, the same creative geniuses are trying to suggest that Yes voters hate their kids.

It has echoes of the ill-fated Tory ad campaign “are you thinking what we’re thinking.”

So, the question is, who is behind these marketing fails?

Well according to industry mag, Campaign, Labour’s Douglas Alexander is making the marketing decisions. While Channel 4 (and others) report that M&C Saatchi are behind the ads.

M&C were the creative team behind the infamous “Labour isn’t working” ads from the ’79 election and is the Tory ad agency of choice. They may have been ditched by David Cameron as part of his detoxification efforts, but M&C “naturally” came back on board for the last election.

With the polls narrowing, perhaps it’s now Saatchi’s creatives who aren’t working.

FYI: It’s perhaps worth noting that M&C Saatchi’s slogan is “the brutal simplicity of thought.” Also perhaps not wise given its founder’s previous?