#MH17 shows the good and bad sides of journalism

Posted on 22/07/2014


In scenes more likely to have appeared on 90s news room sitcom Drop The Dead Donkey than real life, Sky News have been caught rummaging through the personal belongings of flight #MH17 victims.

But the tragedy has also highlighted some of the best of journalism.

Mainly accurate reports, reliable information for the victims (faster than official channels) and even a defence of the integrity of the profession.

In fact, in a lesser reported story, one Russia Today journalist resigned in protest at the line she was being pressured into reporting by the Kremlin.

But, with trust in media at an all time low, which got the most attention on social media? The chart below shows the clear winner.

Which #MH17 media ethics story got the most attention

Chart data based on Topsy.com results for “Colin Brazier” and “Sara Firth” in English.