Will the Lobbying Act impact on your campaign?

Posted on 21/07/2014


Keep calm and keep campaigning

That was the message from the PRCA’s Not for Profit and Charity Group  discussion last Thursday on the impact of the Lobbying Act on campaigns in the run up to the General Election next year.

But, as Lily Capriani from Children’s Society pointed out, continuing to run campaigns does not give charities and PR agencies a carte blanche. Campaigners will still need to ensure they keep records of campaign decisions, funding and comply with the Act.

Which is pretty tricky given that 67% of campaigners are unclear how it will affect them.

And this is clearly an underestimate as there are many questions that the Electoral Commission themselves can’t answer, despite the regulations coming into force in less than two months time (on the 19th September).

Alongside tips on campaigning during an election (see below) that the Group heard, campaigners were urged to submit any questions they have on the impact of the Lobbying Act to the PRCA who will compile the key issues and ask the Commission to respond.

PR agencies and charities can submit questions to Chair of the Group, Mario Ambrosi, and myself (simon dot francis at claremontcomms.com).

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