What do PR’s make?

Posted on 09/07/2014


2014-07-06 09.29.06I spent the weekend at the beautiful Carthvean farm helping farm-sit for a family friend.

Following three days spent knee deep in horse shit and trying to master the art of milking a goat by hand, I came back to London full of the joys of the countryside. I also had a concern that, compared to farmers, I didn’t really make anything at work.

But is that really true?

Almost exactly three years ago I blogged that it was time for a change, not just in my own job, but in the PR industry as a whole.

I argued that if the PR industry was serious about staying relevant in a changing world, agencies were best just to start again. It was time to “create a marketing agency from scratch, which is equipped for the 21st Century.”

Two people who shared that vision were Ben and Simon who were on that journey with Claremont. We had some pints. And a few curries. And I joined them.

Since 2012, we’ve delivered some stellar work, taken on some of the PR industry’s first apprentices and grown to become a 20+ strong agency of consultants who are all passionate about using communications for social good.

And this week we have found out that there is an enduring value in our hard working, innovative approach – and in doing the right thing.

PR Week announced that Claremont has become the UK’s 136th largest PR agency. And that it is also the fastest growing PR agency in the country. Of course, this success is only possible due to the hard work of clients, partners and the whole team at Claremont.

While it may not be quite as physically demanding as farming, I’m incredibly proud of what Claremont has made.