The attack of the auto-scheduled tweet

Posted on 15/04/2014


You’re a busy MP. You want to use Twitter to make your points on social media. The auto-scheduled tweet function is a best thing since the heavily subsidised Commons bar?Esther McVey third person tweet

Well, no.

As many brands and politicians have found to their cost, you should only auto-schedule tweets with care.

Take Esther McVey MP. She set up her auto-scheduled tweet bot this morning from her “personal” account (I imagine her bag carrier actually did it given the bizarre third person tweet she has sent) and headed to work.Esther McVey Memorial Tweets

Sadly she must have forgot she was going to the Hillsborough Memorial Service. An odd thing for a Wirral MP to do.

The tweet attacking Wirral Labour (and subsequent other random tweets) sent during the service was bad enough.

But her lack of
response / apology / corrective action caused by using a auto-scheduled tweet service will no doubt continue to haunt her long after the Political Scrapbook piece has finished doing the rounds.

If you must tweet, do it personally and do it live.