Top ten blog posts of 2013

Posted on 31/12/2013


People (well colleagues at Claremont) have accused me of only blogging when I’m angry. But, it appears, I’m just giving the public what they want. Behold my top ten most read blog posts of 2013:

1) British Gas are a bunch of numpties

Anyone who can make a company share price crash through social media incompetence deserve what they get.

2) Politics makes for great songs

Just have a look at these top 5 political songs. Also made an appearance on BuzzFeed!

3) Charity communications is inherently political

Charities are among the biggest lobbyists in the country. They won’t call it that. But they are.

4) Some ad agencies are pretty sick (in a bad way)…

Make fun of suicide. Why not. Scum.

5) …And PRs can be even worse

Don’t get me started on sinister dealings in public relations.

6) But if you do dance with the devil, have the guts to defend yourself

Unlike the PR agency Media Zoo who “crapped on” about being targeted for their work for Ineos and sweat shop labour firms

7) Mary Portas

She just won’t go away – the only blog post to have made the top 10 for 3 years running. Mary Portas works for shopping centres while advising on how to regenerate the high street. Well she is after all, the Queen of Shopping Centres. An incredible achievement.

8) Obama vs The Queen

It’s clear who wins. Thanks for Google’s new SEO for propelling a simple post on the difference between a monarchy and a republic into the top 10. Again.

9) The Olympic Legacy

Keep writing about the same thing. Google gets the hint. My Olympic-themed posts from 2012 are still pretty popular.

10) And finally… some good news

Just creeping into the top 10, some good news. We have three PR apprentices at Claremont now – and I’m so proud of all three. So I was especially pleased when 2013 proved that PR Apprenticeships have really come of age.

So. For the 2014 blogging resolution I’ll turn, for the first and only time, to Michael Stipe for inspiration*:

I know that this is vitriol. No solution, spleen venting,
But I feel better having screamed. Don’t you?

*Si Francis is in fact 36, not 17. See entry 2.