Hyundai and Innocean show the sick side of adland

Posted on 26/04/2013


Drum - HyundaiAdvertising creatives have a bit of reputation for being maverick and pushing the boundaries. But one agency, Innocean, has gone far too far and got Hyundai into a steaming pile of PR manure.

You can read the full story of how the agency and Hyundai thought it was a good idea to make light (even fun) of suicide and the PR response on Storify.

What’s most depressing is that, despite universal condemnation (except for in The Drum, right), the ad suits still tried to explain themselves.

In a (barely comprehensible) statement, reported on the BBC, Innocean said:

“The intention of the viral video was to employ hyperbole to dramatise a product advantage, culminating in a positive outcome.”

Which is ad speak for “shut up, you just don’t understand what we’re trying to do here.”

What is even worse, is that somewhere in Soho, right now, there is an ad person looking at the viral attention this ad got for the brand and wondering how they can make a name for themselves by doing the same.