Top posts of 2012

Posted on 31/12/2012


2012 PR blog word cloud

The review of my blog posts is a little different this year (here is 2011‘s) as it also takes into account posts from the Claremont and CIPR blogs. Also summarised as a word cloud here, below are the top ten most read posts (in reverse order):

10) Launch of PR Apprenticeships. The very first post on this blog called for PR apprentices rather than graduates, so it was brilliant to be able to attend the launch of the Higher Apprenticeship in PR and then later in the year launch Claremont’s search for an apprentice.

9) The Olympics in headlines. The daily PR take on the Olympics got a fair bit of traffic, but this was one of the most popular posts with a nice infographic. As was…

8) Olympics PR highs and lows. The summary of the daily PR round up of the Olympics.

7) Social media gotchaism. Joining Claremont earlier in 2012 meant that blogging efforts were split with their site and e-newsletter. This post almost defended the vile Kay Burley.

6) PR from the edge of space. If the Olympics were the biggest PR story of the year, Red Bull’s Stratos was certainly the best. Here’s what the rest of us can learn from their success.

5) This is my country, mate. My favourite quote from the Games came from Mo Farah who riled against the ‘plastic Brits’ criticisms and casual racism of the right wing press.

4) Digital-disgruntalists. One twitter user even called this phrase her word of the day. And interest in the Claremont data on people using social media to complain came in from across government and private sectors.

3) Coventry City. It’s rare that the mighty Sky Blues make an appearance on the blog, but when they do a big PR fail (other than the ongoing SISU ownership debacle, powered by Weber Shandwick), there’s a reason to feature them.

2) Communications dinosaurs. There are people who think social media’s not very important in modern PR and communications. They are very wrong.

1) Tackling homophobia. Take one homophobic bar man. Start a social media campaign. Get a result. Blog about how the campaign worked too.

Here’s to more blogging on the CIPR and Claremont sites, as well as on here in 2013!