A social media cheer for Starbucks

Posted on 17/12/2012


After winning some plaudits (well, Mr B. Johnson anyway) for its move on taxation, Starbucks must have hoped that its sponsorship of the Natural History Ice Rink would have helped move its brand reputation on from corporate tax dodgers to nice guys who help you #spreadthecheer this Christmas.

Of course, live twitter walls are a bad idea at the best of times, and this one (below) was no exception. Brings back memories of Starbucks’ attempts to ask Irish people to be proud of being British. Or offending the Argentines for apologising for using locally made products.

Not so much a social media crisis as a plain old PR fuck up.

Starbucks Spreadthecheer

Thanks to Liberal Consipiracy‘s Facebook page & the Times’ Kaya Burgess for the tip.