Yahoo’s social media fail

Posted on 20/08/2012


Today Yahoo! news is scraping the bottom of a barrel even the Daily Mail or a Five Live phone in would  avoid.

For its first ever #HashOut ‘live discussion show’ it is inviting people to suggest musicians who deserve to be jailed like Pussy Riot have been in Russia.

If this is the standard of the first pre-planned debate, I hate to think what’s next, based on its lead headlines today…

A politician has called some rape legitimate. Which politician deserves to be ‘legitimately raped’?

Politician’s wife is jailed. Which politician’s wife would you like to jail?

Director jumps off bridge. Which film director should be next to jump?

There are ways of having sensible debate on Twitter and then there is Yahoo!’s way. It should be ashamed. And social media is letting it know…

H/T Claire Phipps for spotting this.

Update 21.08.12: After initially trying to defend the subject for the first HashOut (with deputy editor Chris Suellentrop trying to justify it based on one ‘funny’ tweet), Yahoo! News was silent on Twitter for 3 hours, before issuing this apology. For selected tweets check out this Storify collection.