Morons, sin washers and sore losers

Posted on 09/08/2012


As British gold medals start to dry up, the Olympics PR machine has taken a more sinister turn…

Moron of the Games: Piers ‘the Troll’ Morgan. Who, when he is not being taken down by other Twitter users, is not taking kindly to a fake image of a reputed Bradley Wiggins tweet. Fake or not, it’s worth posting again here…

Sore Losers Award: Apparently it’s not just the Russians and the Australians who aren’t too happy about being beaten by Brits, it’s becoming a world-wide sport according to the New York Times.

Dating battle of the Games: While Illicit Encounters‘ PR agency still hasn’t responded to allegations their press releases are a work of fiction (they have been checking out my LinkedIn though), a competitor has issued one of the most spurious press releases of the Games. Apparently 100% of singles watch the Olympics because they find foreign accents sexy.

Sin washers of the Games: Sponsors have paid millions of pounds for exclusive branding rights at the Olympics, but which is the brand with the biggest sin it’s trying to wash clean through sponsorship?

The real winners: Among all the doom and gloom in today’s post, there is one glimmer of Olympic gold. Most national newspapers are reporting increased circulations and the Metro alone has brought in £12m of Olympic advertising revenue.

All the more room for more Olympic PR stories then!