An Olympic PR stunt-fest?

Posted on 08/08/2012


Into the closing stages now, but the Olympics PR gems keep coming…

Subs Sack Race: Sub Editors at the Express and the Mirror will be watching over their shoulders as they failed to spot that their Olympics coverage confused the Dutch and British equestrian teams. Given the Express’ error was a front page one; they win the race (although the reason is due to sloppy meta-tagging of photos, something all PRs should be wary of).

Millionaire Mile: Victoria Pendleton is apparently on track for £1m of earnings following her retirement. Of course, the Daily Mail is on hand to warn it could all go wrong, with former Olympians descending into ‘Bankruptcy, shoplifting, adultery and disgrace’ [link to Mail site is here].

Regional Run-in: While Yorkshire is currently ahead of Australia and Japan in the medal table, Scotland is also riding high. And while Coventry & Warwickshire can only boast one gold so far, it’s arguable that the heart of England is home to the most engrossed fan.

Press office own goal: Giving further lie to the unlikely claim that the Olympic media centre treats everyone the same, has published a guide to the campaign to have The Voice given media accreditation. That the UK’s oldest, biggest, black newspaper had been denied accreditation in the first place was a massive own goal.

Bah humbug Award: While Morrissey, the Independent’s Simon Kelner and right-of-left-of-centre think tank Progress are both trying hard to out humbug each other, they’ve not got a patch on the Russians who are not taking defeat in the meal table very well. Russia Today is covering as many of the Olympic scandals as possible, from the Cameroon team absconding to the Bolt bottle throw.

The state-funded broadcaster even goes as far as calling London 2012 an ‘Olympic PR stunt-fest’.

PR stunt-fest? Surely some mistake…

Picture from Flickr: licensed under Creative Commons