Beer, urine and the Australian legacy

Posted on 07/08/2012


While retailers have just a matter of days to launch behavioural change communications to bring back Olympic business, there’s plenty of Olympics PR still going on…

Nation to watch: The Swiss are spending $4.6m on their London 2012 presence and from Holland’s Heineken House to Russia’s Sochi Park, countries are climbing over themselves to boost their own national interests – and make money from sports fans.

Game of the Games: If you’re not able to make it to a national house to catch the Games, there’s always the bizarre idea of urine controlled Olympic games at bars around the UK. Not available in female versions. (h/t Richard Gray)

Cautionary tale of the Games: From heroes in 2000 to zeros (almost) 12 years later, the Australian Olympic experience must be a watch word for everyone involved in the legacy agenda. Through investment and support, those aiming to ‘inspire a generation’ really need to make sure they are inspiring not just this generation, but future generations too.

Green shoots award: With legacy in mind, it’s encouraging that BBC London were reporting increased sporting activity in the capital this morning. But the increase in exercise is also being reported from Derby to Beijing.

Quiz of the Games: And if you need some help deciding which sport to take up, the BBC’s short and excellent ‘which Olympian are you‘ quiz should give some inspiration.

I’m currently a (failing) Daniel Sturridge, but hope to become a (medal winning) David Florence. Off to the gym then…