Guinness, Team UK and a real legacy for Olympic PR

Posted on 03/08/2012


Blogging from Dublin today, and Olympic PR fever is certainly more tempered here, in fact the Irish tourist board has spent €500,000 encouraging Londoners to come here to avoid the hordes.

Alcohol-related gaffe of the Games: Much to the delight of the Irish press, the National Press Club of Washington emailed its entire august PR and media membership inviting them to an evening in honour of the host nation, serving fish and chips and, errr, Guinness.

Most incorrectly named team: In Northern Ireland the debate over the unfortunate naming of Team GB when it should really be Team UK is still raging, providing plenty of room for politicians (including the MP for Vauxhall) to increase their media coverage.

Interactive guide of the day: Regardless of the naming controversy, if you want to see just how much Team GB is beasting the competition, the Guardian’s medal slide-o-meter is just the thing.

Most vital legacy campaign: If the campaign by Team GB cycling champs leads to better behaviour by both cyclists and motorists as well as safer roads, this will be a real legacy for London 2012.

Worst targeted press release of the Games: There are plenty of people interested in the US basketball team. But PR agency Kaos Europe should perhaps think again before sending a press notice about the team to a conservative-leaning British newspaper. Detailing how four team members will be showing off their “skills as well as their favourite Skullcandys” (a “high growth performance lifestyle audio brand” whatever one of those is), Kaos hopefully predict a “news-piece online or in print or maybe as an add-on note to a general Olympics or Skullcandy piece” may follow.

Or, more likely, the ‘delete’ button.

If any journalists want to press ‘forward’ on such releases rather than ‘delete’, I’m happy to get them!