What links Marmite, Mystic Meg and the Mayor?

Posted on 02/08/2012


The Olympics PR machine rumbles on – and there’s clearly only one place to start today…

PR triumph over adversity award: Boris. Of course. People used to claim that Tony Blair was Teflon coated, but he had nothing on BoJo. Even being left strung up mid-zip wire comically waving flags is nothing to this politician. As political commentator Gaby Hinsliff said, if it was Ed Miliband on a zip wire, he’d be out. And one Telegraph commentator even went as far as saying that a man who can survive this is destined for Downing Street.

Number 10 claim London is lucky to have him. Visit Dangle Boris for more pictures and judge for yourself.

Black Cab Driver Comments of the Games: The Guardian is not normally home to readers likely to spout sexist drivel, but after complaints of sexism in sport, some of their readers appeared to forget themselves. One even posted: “Sexism may be prevalent within sport, but it is difficult to demand respect to an inferior product.” Idiot. (h/t Amy Claro)

Most unlikely claim: The head of the Olympics Media Centre claiming they treat all media equally. Are they really claiming they will give the same service level to Northern Horse Magazine as they will to CNN? With only 50 professional staff? If this is the case, they are probably far too busy to read this blog.

Love It Or Hate It Medal: Many described the opening ceremony as a ‘Marmite’ affair. But Pak’n’Save (a New Zealand based supermarket) has taken the world’s turbulent relationship with the spread to new levels – by rewarding successful Team NZ athletes with jars of the stuff. Great PR. (h/t Hayley Douglas)

Mystic Megg-athon: Most of us are enjoying the Olympics and the news holiday from ya-boo politics. But, for those left in the Westminster bubble, there’s always speculation about an ‘Olympic Bounce’ for the government. Although, no doubt to the coalition’s dismay, the latest polling data doesn’t show one…

More suggestions welcome!