1.5 journalists for every PR in the UK

Posted on 04/05/2012


A year ago I calculated that there was almost one PR for every journalist in the UK.

But has the recession, public sector cuts and the rise of social media had an impact on these numbers?

Well, the Labour Force Survey has slightly renamed one or two of the job roles, but using the original methodolgy to calcluate the PR numbers, we can still use the data to show that while both categories have declined, PRs appear to have been hit harder.

As a result, the 2011 data (the latest LFS available) shows that there are now around 1.5 journalists for every PR in the UK (a gap wider than the 1.3 journalists to PRs ratio in 2010).

This equates to 62,000 journalists and 42,500 PRs and is plotted with the historic data in the graph above. So even with the cuts to both industries, there are still higher numbers in both jobs than ten years ago.