How the media think about… women & sport

Posted on 02/05/2012


The Daily Star's take on women in sport

The BBC was going big today on how Britain’s schools need to offer more ‘feminine sports’. And how overly masculine sports put off girls from taking part. Some of the other (middle class) media are also covering the story, such as the Independent.

To solve the problems identified by the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation, the media also have a massive role to promote more positive female sporting role models and give more prestigious coverage to women’s sport.

But meanwhile, the Daily Star led on how women in football-star infested night clubs ‘target’players for sex as it gets them ‘bags and shoes’.

Now, in Britain’s Olympic year, which women and sport story do you think will have most impact on the public concious or on young women?

If you really want to read more about ‘wags and bags’, the Star story is here.