What makes a good PR recruit? And where do they sit?

Posted on 17/04/2012


I’ve long called for the introduction of PR Apprenticeships as a way of diversifying the communications industry and making entry to a PR career open to anyone.

But one of the main stumbling blocks to introducing such a qualification has always been how an Apprenticeship would sit alongside traditional graduate recruitment.

I attempted to solve this last year, based on my experiences at Band & Brown. But, with the introduction of a new era of Higher Apprenticeships, designed to be a real alternative to university, this map needs to be redrawn.

And after speaking to Pearson in Practice, they would like to introduce a model like this as part of the new PRCA-backed PR Apprenticeship programme which launches in September.

So before this is built into the new PR Higher Apprenticeship framework, what does the industry think? Comments and alternatives are more than welcome, the PowerPoint is free to download and modify on Slide Share!

Declaration: while I currently advise the National Apprenticeship Service on communications, this post has neither been instigated nor approved by the Service.