A Rambling Review of 2011

Posted on 28/12/2011


‘Tis the season to be lazy.

Given all media outlets for miles around are happily soaking up the mulled wine and mince pies while skeleton crews press ‘play’ on a long ago pre-recorded round up of the year, I thought I’d do the same.

So here’s your Ramblings of a PR review of 2011, based on the top ten most read blog posts (in reverse order):

10. Sexy A-Levels. What a surprise, put ‘Sexy’ in your blog title and it becomes the tenth most read post. It still makes me bloody angry that the media are so fixated on schools rather than skills. But I reckon 2012 may change all of that…

9. Mary Portas. Despite a relatively new post, my anger over Mary Portas’ obvious conflict of interest, between advising the government on high street reform and advising Westfield on attracting consumers away from the high street, struck a chord. Especially with Political Scrapbook.

8. News of the World Advertisers. Britain’s most read Sunday paper used to have lots of advertisers. Then people realised if they Tweeted them into withdrawing their support, the paper would be Screwed. And it was. Royally. Let’s be clear, regardless of what has now come to light about the paper, the decision by News International to close the NoTW was a commercial one, because they’d lost all their advertising in the space of a week. People Power.

7. The most important picture you’ll see this year. I’m glad the ‘Broken of Britain’ post got a lot of traffic. The treatment of people with disabilities by the government is nothing short of shocking. In fact I urge all of you to read Sue Marsh’s blog, ‘Diary of a Benefits Scrounger‘. It really is excellent, but shocking at the same time.

Have you clicked on ‘Diary on a Benefits Scrounger’ so it opens in a new window and you can read it once you get to the end of this post? OK, then…

6. Melanie Philips. Take one piece of hate by Melanie Philips, replace the word ‘gay’ with ‘black’ and you have an obvious piece of racism. Yet somehow the Mail think it is OK to print this shit. And what’s worse, the Daily Mail website is now one of the most popular sites in the country.

5. Mary Portas (again). The best thing about these two articles is that if you type her name and Westfield into Google, this site comes up above her own.

4. Spire Healthcare. A Labour councillor alerted me to a hideous ad promoting breast surgery using a ‘Cosmo’ style front page. People read the post, were disgusted, complained, and the company apologised. The Advertising Standards Authority later banned it (and then the rest of the media bothered to print stories on it).

3. Moving on. I guess it’s not everyday that a PR agency board director leaves.

2. PR agency helps out the BNP. Somewhere out there is a PR supplier who thinks it’s OK to help the BNP. This post came so close to uncovering who it was. I have my suspicions, but despite the help of PR Week and others in the industry we couldn’t find enough proof…

1. The PR Agency of the Future. Despite all the criticisms of everything from (five launches for) the Big Society, to politicians inability to do PR and the need for PR Apprenticeships, I’m pleased that the more ‘campaigning’ posts dominate the top ten and that one looking to the future state of the PR industry is the most read.

More of the same in 2012 I guess then…

Thanks for reading!