Samsung’s odd Apple attack

Posted on 23/11/2011


Apple customers get a bad press. Slavishly following the herd of what’s trendy, tied to Operating Systems which are inflexible and (possibly) anti-competitive.

But, Apple doesn’t get to be so successful without doing something right: making products which work.

And that’s why the new Samsung attack-viral in support of the S II is so odd:

It criticises Apple users for standing in line for the next big upgrade, but pictures them in awe of the Samsung rival.

But all the proponents of the Samsung concentrate on its look – exactly what it is taking a shot at Apple fans for.

And, as a recent user of both brands products, I can only say that I couldn’t wait to get my iPhone back. Because it works. Fast. And easily.

Until Samsung can make attack-virals focusing on usability, I suggest they stop being so jealous of the Apple brand’s success and loyal follower base.

Posted from my MacBook Air in a Soho branch of Caffe Nero. Yes, I know.