PR Picture of the Year (part 2)

Posted on 17/11/2011


Benetton have a knack for fantastic campaigning advertising.

And this picture, while not the most important picture you’ll see this year, is amazing for PR purposes:

The Pope protests too much - and Benetton withdraw the advert

Sadly, on this occasion it seems that Benetton were only ever going to use the poster for a PR stunt, rather than roll out the image, as it has been withdrawn from the website and all the toolkits for the inspiring Unhate campaign.

That, or they really do care about offending the Pope.

But whatever Benetton’s motives, what’s clear is that the Vatican has once again showed it has no idea about modern society – in fact by threatening legal action to protect the Pope’s image, it has only served to stir up the controversy. And provide even more publicity / social media chatter for Benetton.

So, in that sense, the image has served its purpose.