Got a crisis? See the funny side

Posted on 22/06/2011


Time was that a phone call from a journalist pointing out a local authority’s failings, or a Freedom of Information request, would send a press office reaching for the panic button.

Now it seems press officers are just seeing the funny side.

This trend came to public attention as Leicester City Council confirmed it was unprepared for a zombie attack and briefed the media on the story.

Some councils, like Hertfordshire, followed up. They saw it as a light hearted opportunity to boast about their levels of disaster preparedness.

Then today, York Council responded to the pictures of a fence built through a football goal by saying:

Failure to relocate the goalposts is a real own goal.

Not hilarious, but better to make a joke of it than give a long-winded, but possibly more accurate explanation.

Would love to hear other examples of press officers showing a sense of humour in the face of adversity!

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