Ed’s NHS email, just five days late

Posted on 12/06/2011


Email from Labour on the NHS

Email from Labour on the NHS

After Ed Miliband was roundly criticised for his communications performances last week, Labour has at least addressed one of the problems. Sort of.

Party HQ finally sent a ‘help save the NHS’ email to supporters.

A few days late, and not as engaging as it could be, at least it provides members with a clear call to action.

But, and this is a bigger issue, it doesn’t socialise well.

After inspiring people to take action, it sends members to Labour Unlocked, where you are asked to sign a petition (seemingly hosted on the Labour site) and then you need to log in to take any further action – or even tell any of your friends on social media that you are joining the campaign.

Campaigning with social media should be quick, easy and user-friendly. Concepts that it seems Labour is still getting to grips with.