Retro brands drive consumers back to the future

Posted on 27/05/2011


Coventry City 2010/11 Retro Crest

Coventry City 2010/11 Retro Crest

It’s not often that I can combine my professional interests with personal passions.

But, before readers get too worried, I am talking about marketing and Coventry City FC.

The Wall Street Journal reports how the world’s leading brands have gone retro in the US to drive more sales. And in the UK, petitions and Facebook groups to bring back everything from chocolate bars to former Prime Ministers can generate more fans than their modern equivalents (the original and excellently orchestrated Wispa PR campaign being a case in point).

So, imagine how pleased I was to realise that the Sky Blues are, for once, keeping up with the competition.

Not content with a retro clothing line, they are  not only sporting a new club crest (right) for next season, but also a retro kit too.