The best of… comms blogs

Posted on 15/11/2010


My thanks to LinkedIn for this one.

Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations group, Brooke Nolan, asked people for their suggestions of the best communications / PR blogs around.  I’ve edited this list of suggestions, so if you want to read people other than me… here’s a top ten.

Revolutionary Measures. A great summary and real opinion on social media and measurement.

Wadd’s PR Blog. Opinion on the latest in PR.

Squirmalism’s Blog. A light hearted take on the idiocy of the media’s Response Source requests.

Econsultancy. Always interesting, a treasure trove of info and best practice on social media and digital marketing. For a transatlantic take, try Mashable.

Press Gazette. Great source of information on the latest media developments. For a more cynical take, try Fleet Street Blues. Or for personal reflections, Jon Slattery‘s blog.

Measurement Matters. It sure does, and Metrica are leaders in this, so their thoughts count. Internationally, KD Paine’s Measurement Standard is another must read.

Other suggestions welcome!