Posted on 15/10/2010


While the focus of my blogging is still my cuts challenge, an email arrived which has forced me to do another Rambling.

The below was sent to one of our ‘team email addresses’ – i.e. the ones on the bottom of press releases which go to the whole team to make sure journalist and client enquiries are dealt with quickly.

Normally spam just irritates me, but I add to the junk mail settings and forget about it.  But this is different:

1) It’s from a communications firm. And one specialising in social media. They should know better.

2) It’s from the USA, I mean it’s obvious that the client in question is UK only as indeed is my company which is clear from the domain name.

3) It makes it sound as if I may know this person.  I’ve never heard of them.

4) It doesn’t make sense. “Our unique process streamlines the marketing and PR process, which eliminates unnecessary costs and allows you to focus your marketing budget on achieving results.” How?

5) They want to ‘connect’. Dread word.

At least they didn’t call themselves social media gurus.

Anyway, I know I shouldn’t, but I’ve responded. After all if they want to fly the team to New York to meet, then why not!

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