Worrying times for marketing

Posted on 12/07/2010


Continuing my commentary on how the marketing industry is doing (yes I know I said I was going to stop doing this and stick to great work), the latest Bellwether Report is being spun in various directions by the competing factions within marketing.

Perhaps bizarrely, PR Week come closest to just printing the findings, so we can see for ourselves (well done Gemma O’Reilly).

It starts to show quite clearly the impact of the freeze on marketing spend by the government (see blogs passim).  This factor is obviously not accountable for the whole downturn (although even in events and sales promotion there is still an impact), but it certainly explains the downturn in media (despite this being World Cup season) and in PR (which can often be immediately canceled with no penalty clauses).

Yet, the good news according to industry experts is that PR is going to emerge triumphant from this period of uncertainty… well, that’s ok then!