Twanscript: Royals and the media

Posted on 08/03/2010


Twanscript (is that a permissible Twitter-word?) from the Republic debate The Royal PR Machine with Richard Palmer, royal correspondent of the Daily Express and Emily Hill, Evening Standard journalist and Guardian commentator.

Here are the pick of the comments from the debate (all have been shortened due to Twitter use and are comments made at the debate by others).  For a full list of the Tweets I sent, search #royalmedia.

‘Concerted campaign to prevent taking pictures of royals’ – eve standard

Would people be so keen on royals if heir was a cross between Charles + Camilla?

Queen’s press officer known as Samantha the panther

Express corr never been allowed direct conversation with Charles

My right to know stops where the detectives we pay for’s knowledge stops – Express

Press association under pressure corporately to toe royal line

Charles will look to set up Kings Conferences on issues

Royals using courts to deny right to know, or even release pics without approval

Abuse of civil lists makes mp expenses look like peanuts. Freedom of Information Act requests denied

9 times out of 10 royals take train to somewhere and fly back

Conservative and Labour dodging discussion on civil list

Charles will talk to his plants but won’t dig them up – Emily Hill

Royals using Kate Middleton to take legal action to see how far they can push the courts

That it’s a taboo to criticise the queen is a disgrace – @RepublicStaff

And the final subject – how advertisers would react to an anti-monarchy media will be a future blog!