Daily Mail Demonstrates Its Ugly Side (Again)

Posted on 16/10/2009


Two blogs in a week. The world is obviously taking a turn for the worse.

Jan Moir and the Daily Mail are the focus of my indignation today. Most notably the article today suggesting how Stephen Gately died because he was gay. Horrid woman.

Anyway, thanks to my pals on Twitter, it’s been pointed out this is in clear breach of the PCC Code. So please complain away.

I reckon, this article is in clear breach of:
1) Accuracy. The coroners report clearly states natural causes – not being homosexual caused Gately’s death
5) Intrusion into grief. Clearly this article is designed to hurt the grieving family of the deceased.
12) Discrimination. The author is clearly homophobic.

But there may be other breaches!