BNP and mainstream media

Posted on 08/06/2009


Our industry bible, PR Week, has picked up on the BNP campaign – claiming that Anti-BNP efforts fail to stop party have failed. There’s an interesting comment from Insight Public Affairs agency stating that the BNP “exist outside of existing media channels.”

But in addition to the party political broadcast, Newsquest newspapers in target areas ran adverts from them and the constant hand-wringing coverage of the party on TV news helped add credibility to their name – without highlighting the hideous consequences of their policies.

I was suprised to learn though that there was an anti-BNP online campaign… not surpised it didn’t work, as Amanda Stuart correctly states, the fight against the BNP needs to take place in communities and on the doorstep. The question is how do we persuade people to stand up and take part in it, when they are so obviously disillusioned with the existing parties…

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