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Sympathy: A difficult word

November 23, 2015


Sun front page 231115

People have rushed to condemn the Sun for today's headline that British Muslims feel sympathy for ISIS. The problem is not the Sun, but how survey respondents interpreted the word "sympathy."

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Climate Change: What can we do?

November 10, 2015


wind turbine

Last night’s Cantelowes Labour Party meeting was a bit of an eye opener. Linda Etchart, an expert in global development, talked about how the Paris Summit (#COP21) is a vital time in the fight against climate change. The environment was a non-issue at the last election with no party making a forceful case for a green economy (yes, […]

When PR recruitment goes wrong…

November 3, 2015


Lacking diversity

The PR’s industry body has hit the nail on the head again – calling out another poor practice among the nation’s public relations agencies. In a blog post, PRCA chief Francis Ingham reveals he was approached by an agency (ironically one which specialises in reputation management) to promote a job ad which requires candidates to submit […]

How popular is the Shadow Cabinet?

October 23, 2015


Popularity of Shadow Cabinet

Labour List regularly runs a poll to find out how Labour supporters rank their own Shadow Cabinet’s effectiveness. The latest results show that a relatively new and unknown Shadow Cabinet is already as popular as Ed Miliband’s last, ill fated, shadow team. While not as popular as the former Shadow Cabinet was just before the […]

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Government’s plans for a ‘rape test’ must be opposed

July 30, 2015


George Osborne's budget rape test must be opposed

Plans for a new rape test in Osborne's budget represent a heartless, unbelievable low and must be opposed.

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What makes a good PR?

July 10, 2015


Public relations – a key part of Claremont’s social communications philosophy – is a wide ranging profession requiring a multitude of skills. With new degree apprenticeships in PR being put out to consultation this month, now is the perfect time for the industry to think about what makes a good PR. Practice makes perfect One thing […]

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