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MPs paid £350k for media appearances

June 26, 2014


How much do media outlets pay MPs?

Hidden among the latest MP's Register of Members' Interests are declarations of earnings from politicians' media appearances. When combined these add up to more than £350k.

Farage’s UKIP ‘victory’ is a mirage

May 26, 2014



The UKIP 'victory' in the UK European Elections is not all that it seems.

When does an advert become editorial?

May 16, 2014


Herts Advertiser

A newspaper's support for UKIP on its front page shows what happens when an advert becomes editorial.

The CBI’s epic fail on Scottish independence

April 26, 2014


2013-08-11 14.15.16-1

The esteemed Confederation of British Industry has got itself all in a PR pickle over Scottish independence. And it is getting worse.

The attack of the auto-scheduled tweet

April 15, 2014


Esther McVey

You’re a busy MP. You want to use Twitter to make your points on social media. The auto-scheduled tweet function is a best thing since the heavily subsidised Commons bar? Well, no. As many brands and politicians have found to their cost, you should only auto-schedule tweets with care. Take Esther McVey MP. She set […]

Is this the worst radio interview ever?

April 3, 2014



The BBC’s “flagship” Radio 4 Today programme is normally the bastion of intelligent discussion and debate (and racing tips). But this morning at 6.25am, there was possibly the softest radio interview ever with a representative of the asphalt industry alliance on the need for more money to re-surface the nation’s roads following the recent wet […]

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