Esther McVey 15/04/2014

Is this the worst radio interview ever?

April 3, 2014



The BBC’s “flagship” Radio 4 Today programme is normally the bastion of intelligent discussion and debate (and racing tips). But this morning at 6.25am, there was possibly the softest radio interview ever with a representative of the asphalt industry alliance on the need for more money to re-surface the nation’s roads following the recent wet […]

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Views my own: Do you need a Twitter disclaimer?

January 10, 2014


CIPR CEO Twitter Disclaimer

Do you need a Twitter disclamer? And will it work? Not if you're the boss.

Top ten blog posts of 2013

December 31, 2013


People (well colleagues at Claremont) have accused me of only blogging when I’m angry. But, it appears, I’m just giving the public what they want. Behold my top ten most read blog posts of 2013: 1) British Gas are a bunch of numpties Anyone who can make a company share price crash through social media […]

Can you hold a judge to account?

December 18, 2013


Ministry of Justice

Can you hold a judge to account for their opposition to #equalmarriage?

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PR Apprenticeships have come of age

November 15, 2013



When I first suggested that there should be PR Apprenticeships in March 2009, the silence in the industry was deafening. Even in my own workplace at the time there was scepticism – and even hostility – to the idea that anyone could enter a PR agency without the spuriously defined ‘good degree’. It has been […]

If you dance with the PR devil, defend what you do

October 31, 2013



I love my job. Most of the time. But I hate the company the PR industry keeps sometimes. For every company that uses PR for public good, there is another that is prepared to take the petro-chemical-dictatorial dollar. And while I may not approve of these firms’ ethics, I’d defend their right to take that […]

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