Scotland Decides 21/09/2014

The unwelcome political return of Mr Megabus

September 4, 2014


Section 28 Scottish media coverage

The No campaign in the Scottish Referendum may have issues with its sexist and patronising adverts, but Sir Brian Souter’s appearance on the BBC last night serves as a reminder that the Yes campaign has its fair share of undesirable views. Let’s go back to 1999/2000 and what the Scottish Daily Mail editorial called: Labour’s […]

Just who is behind the No Thanks advertising campaign?

September 1, 2014


Patronising Better Together Lady

Whatever your views on the Scottish referendum, it has not been a good one for the marketing industry. While the Yes campaign can be criticised for deploying rent-a-mobs at events and having some very dodgy infographics, the No campaign’s efforts have been far worse. The latest “No” film is sexist and patronising – despite presumably trying to chase […]

The media are still committing (sexy) A-Levels crimes

August 15, 2014


Political Scrapbook's picture editors formula for A-Level coverage

Political Scrapbook’s round up of A-Level results coverage highlights how news editors believe that results day means they have a free-pass in rampant sexism and sexualisation of teenagers. And just as the “sexy A-Levels” phenomenon is still going strong, it is still not the only results day crime committed by the media. The Telegraph report that “more than […]

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Will Labour’s Lobbying Act consultation make a difference?

August 13, 2014


John Leech MP school petition

The General Election may be eight months away, but there are just weeks to go until regulations for non-party campaigners during the 2015 General Election come into force. The fear is that ‘part two’ of the Lobbying Act (or Gagging Law) will restrain charities and grassroots organisations’ ability to campaign in the run up to […]

#MH17 shows the good and bad sides of journalism

July 22, 2014


Which #MH17 media ethics story got the most attention

The #MH17 tragedy shows the good and bad sides of journalism.

What do PR’s make?

July 9, 2014


2014-07-06 09.29.06

I spent the weekend at the beautiful Carthvean farm helping farm-sit for a family friend. Following three days spent knee deep in horse shit and trying to master the art of milking a goat by hand, I came back to London full of the joys of the countryside. I also had a concern that, compared […]


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